Your home isn’t a museum;

it’s a place where real people live.
But it can look good and function well at the same time.

Loving your home and organizing your living space doesn’t always require an interior designer. Sometimes, you just need a good friend to navigate you to the creative and practical solutions you need to truly love your home.

I began my interior consulting services doing just that–helping friends find the finishing touches and organization systems they needed to truly enjoy their space. I believe that your house is not a museum - it’s a real-life place where real people live and your decor should reflect that. I believe there are ways to make your home functional for the phase of life you’re in and beautiful at the same time.

The Process

phase 1

Interiors Consultation & Recommendations

We will walk through the room(s) during a FaceTime call and get a deep understanding of what you are looking for, what your goals for the space are, what existing furniture you want to keep, what your must-haves are, what inspires you, etc. I will also send a form for you to fill out to get to know you a little more (and how you plan to use this particular room). From there, will provide some general ideas and direction for the space and how I would tackle the project from a high-level. The cost for phase one is a flat $500 per room. 

phase 2

Product Sourcing

If you are looking for someone to specifically dive in and send you links to exact products I would recommend for the space, I can do that! I will send custom a quote based on the scope of the room and how many products you are looking for to complete the space. You of course can choose whether or not to purchase them! Everything will be sent in an easy-to-understand document so you can see your 'shopping list' as well as a breakdown of what will go where in the space.

Phase 2 is *not* required, but some people want to just pass the baton over to me to source items for their home, as going through all the options online can be very overwhelming. Others just want some support and high-level ideas, so Phase 1 is enough for them. Totally up to you and I’m happy to chat further -- just reach out at

Contact Us


What a pleasure was to work with Andi. She was so helpful and creative in coming up with a layout that is beautiful and functional for our family in a small apartment in San Francisco. She helped us convert our dining room into a more functional, beautiful, multi-use dining and living space. She even suggested storage for the kids toys and specific plants to make our space more welcoming and organized. Andi was patient while helping us figure out our style and she provided different product recommendations that fit our taste and budget. I am so lucky to have found her!

- Aida M.

I worked with Andi on our basement rec room/play space in our house. I was blown away by Andi's ability to not only functionally figure out how to help us lay out the room but equally importantly, how to utilize existing items in our house to bring organization to the space. I really appreciated Andi's approach of both utilizing existing pieces and items that you already own for functionality, while also sourcing unique and beautiful and durable pieces when we did want new items. I highly recommend working with Andi if you have a room in your house that needs a refresh in terms of its functionality, aesthetic, or even just a layout or decor refresh. Her personality is approachable and easy going and she is professional and prompt to boot!

- Molly L.

Working with Andi on my recent home decor project was an absolute dream. It was like working with an expert best friend; one who understood my vision from day one, sourced many amazing products in lightning speed, and gave me the gut checks I needed along the way to make sure it all came to life. She made the process easy and fun, and she took so much of the stress away from having to furnish a new home on my own. Andi is a design maven, a home decor aficionado, and a ray of sunshine to boot. I will definitely hire her again!

- Jenny F,

I hired Andi to help me find a better layout and storage system in my living room and I am SO glad I did. I came to Andi feeling like my house was getting overrun with toys. As hard as I had tried, I just couldn't seem to wrangle all the trucks and blocks and little lego pieces. Andi helped me reformat the entire layout of my living room and sourced stylish yet affordable pieces of furniture and bins to help hide away all the toys yet keep them accessible to my kids. Before I would walk into my living room and get stressed just looking at the mess, and now it's honestly my favorite room in my house and easy to keep tidy because we have the proper storage. I receive so many compliments on the design and it's just a calming, happy place to be now. Andi was easy to work with (she's truly a joy!), had a great system and approach to getting us to where I wanted. I cannot recommend enough. Thank you so much, Andi!

- Elaine